Awarded films on the 2021. festival

Cultural Tourism

Lilanje in Loznica – TOGL Serbia – Snezana Peric, Stasa Petrovic

Tourism Destinations (city, region, country)

The Real Egypt – Croatia – Alen Tkalcec

Biodiversity Preservation

Sonora – United States – Johnny Holder

Ethnography and Society

Loo-loo-loo-loo – Serbia – Predrag Todorović

Religious Tourism

Thaipusam – Japan – Koyo Sasaki

History and Heritage

Time Traveler – China – Susie Song, Wilfred Zeng

Arts, Music and Culture

Paris – France – Glen MacKay

Tourism Destinations (city, region, country)

Lebensspur Lech – Germany – Alexander Draheim

Tourism Services

Camping Life – Spain – Josep Pérez

Wine and Gastronomic Tourism

Lightessthatin Inspires – Italy – Carlo Guttadauro

Adventure Tourism

Adventures of Aya Kenia – France – Christian Ghammachi

Adventure, Expeditions and Travelling

Ride Aletsch – Switzerland – Géraldine Fasnacht