The pride of Montenegro

”At the birth of our planet, the most beautiful encounter between the land and the sea must have happened at the coast of Montenegro. When the pearls of nature were sawn, handfuls of them were scattered on this soil”
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Small Montenegro, full of contrast, history and beauty.


Njegoš, Cetinje, wild beauty….

1. Metropolitan Petar II Petrović Njegoš (1813-1851) won enviable place in the world literature. His poetic work (”The Mountain Wreath”) earned him stature as one of the most translated poet from these regions. He was educator and statesman as well (he founded Senate and appointed the guardians)

2. Cetinje – the old Royal capital, is a place of glorious history often called ”The Valley of Gods”

3. Multicultural society – religious sanctuaries (Sveti Vasilije Ostroški monastery, Husein – pasha’s mosque, St.Triphun’s cathedral in Kotor)

4. Wild beauty: town – hotel Sveti Stefan, among top ten in the world family hotels

5. UNESCO heritage awards – the town of Kotor, the Tara river canyon and National Park Durmitor

6. The Bečići beach – in 1936, Bečići beach got Gran Prix in Parise as the most beautiful beach in Europe

7. University of Montenegro – signatory of the Bologna Declaration

8. Human rights – the highest degree of respect throughout history. Recently adopted UN Declaration guarantees equality, peace and safety in all spheres of life

9. Montenegrin youth

10. 21.05.2006. Montenegro renewed independence


Coast 293 km, Boka Kotorska, Ulcinj, canyon Nevidio…


1. The length of whole Montenegrin coast is 293 km; the length of the beaches is 73 km

2. The longest beach: Velika plaža (Big Beach) in Ulcinj – 13 km long

3. The biggest bay: Boka Kotorska bay

4. Sea borders: The Port of Bar, Kotor, Budva and Zelenika

5. In Skadar Lake there are more than 48 fish species, out of which 15 are endemic ones. Rich flora abounds in more than 25 rare endemic species

6. Bird watching on Skadar Lake – 281 species

7. The highest peak: Bobotov kuk – massif of mountain Durmitor (2525 m)

8. The Komarnica River, Nevidio canyon – the most impassable canyon in the world, accessible since 1965. only to mountaineers and brave adventurers

9. The Bojana river is the only one river in the world flowing downstream and upstream

10. Saint Tripun’s Cathedral is 69 years older than Notre Dame Church in Paris

11. Minaret of Husein Pasha Mosque (42 m) is the highest one on the Balkans

12. Miroslav’s gospel, the oldest written cultural heritance on the Balkans was written in the Church of Saint Apostles Petar and Pavle in Bijelo Polje (1180. – 1191.)

13. Town – hotel Sveti Stefan is the only island in the world connected to the main land by a sandy isthmus

14. Prosciutto (ham) from Njeguši and wine from Crmnica – Montenegrin brand, renowned worldwide.

15. The Brewery in Nikšić was founded 111 years ago. From the beginning till today it has been using old brewery technology which made ”Nikšićko beer” one of the most popular drinks in Montenegro

16. Stalagmites from Djalovica cave are older even than Cheaops pyramide


Tara, Biogradska gora…

1. The canyon of the Tara river (1300 m deep, 80 km long) is the longest and deepest one in Europe. Only the Grand Canyon of the river Colorado in USA is deeper than Tara canyon

2. Biogradska gora – National Park. There are only two natural forests in Europe. This one extends on 5400 ha

3. Railway bridge on Mala Rijeka is the highest constructed bridge in Europe (250 m above canyon)


But, more than anything…

Numerous epochs marked this region leaving their trails (neolith, metallic, pre-Illyric period, Ilyres, Celts, Hellenists, Romans, early Christian, Byzantine and Slavic). That is the reason why Montenegrins never considered themselves as small people living on large territory in European province, but as a part of the Balkans, Europe and world region. Due to their high moral principles: humanity, based on patriarchal codex – they are proud of their glorious tradition, courage and independence. Discover Montenegro to discover yourself!

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